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So What? Turning Conference Material Into Impact

Going Beyond the Keynote

A really good speaker or panel session can leave us feeling energized, enlightened, and motivated. Unfortunately, once we’ve left the auditorium or theatre, real life often intervenes and we don’t always get the chance to translate the great insights of an interesting session into impact back in our day-to-day lives.

That’s why, immediately following the opening keynote session at Disaster Forum this year, we’re bringing you something different. It’s called a World Cafe.

The focus of a World Cafe discussion forum is you: you will participate in a series of short conversational rounds. Each round will focus on a question related to the keynote material. In each round, you will be engaging with a different small group of your fellow delegates to drill down to the meat of the matter: what is your opinion on the material? How might it have an impact in your particular situation? What will you do with it when you get back to your ‘real life’?

We work hard to bring you the best speakers in the field. At the same time, we know that our delegates are the most valuable resource Disaster Forum has. The value represented by the industry leaders, veterans, and professionals who gather in Banff each year is incalculable. This World Cafe forum is designed to draw out that value and put it to work through collaborative dialogue. In this session, you will work together to operationalize and enhance the keynote material for each participant.

Meet the Expert: Nadine Riopel

Nadine Riopel

Because the ties between people are the secret to success, Nadine Riopel helps individuals and organizations develop resilient, productive social networks. She does this as a speaker, facilitator, and networking trainer, and as host of the We Hate Networking Club in Edmonton.

Nadine’s background includes leadership roles in the corporate fundraising, hospitality, and community organizing worlds. Her own professional network has been a huge contributor the her achievements. She has extensive experience with public speaking, training, and facilitating. Her approach combines these elements to create group experiences that are interactive, engaging, and productive.

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