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It Could Happen To You: Tools for Disaster Resilience

It Could Happen To You

A scenario – your business or organization has been severely disrupted or suffered a loss of critical services including people,  facilities and information technology.  The consequences have negatively impacted the bottom-line,  your reputation and much more!

Some organizations think these events cannot or will not happen to them.  There is an abundance of information to help organizations prepare,  respond and ultimately recover from major events,  so why are some companies still not taking advantage of the evidence and the guidance?  Too often the rationale for not getting prepared is the ‘lack of time’,  or there are ‘more important things to do’.  That changes when wildfire,  flood or civil unrest disrupts your organization,  business or municipal services.

Tools That Can Help

This session will provoke the audience to consider the strategic value and importance of Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) or Programs while considering the integral role of Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessment.  We will look at practical advice,  lessons learned,  various standards,  guidelines and professional practices to help your organization become more resilient.  While expanding on the integral role of Business Continuity (including IT Continuity) and Crisis Management,  we will contemplate how an integrated and holistic approach to these projects and programs can contribute to organizational resilience.

Meet the Expert: Barry Huybens

Barry Huybens

Barry brings over 30 years of experience in emergency services and emergency management.  Barry is most proud of his contributions to leading strategic change and creating strategic value within public and private sector environments.  His professional experiences include roles as Deputy Chief Fire/Rescue and Emergency Medical Services for the City of Edmonton, Partner with Sierra Systems Group Inc., and his current focus as Managing Director of iStrategic Advisors Inc.

As a client-described trusted advisor, Barry believes strongly in ideas, involvement and innovation as pillars for leading and creating change.  Whether leading a complex multi-jurisdictional workshop or facilitating his students as an Instructor for the NAIT Emergency Management Program or working with clients and stakeholders on regional collaboration initiatives, Barry is constantly focused on the importance of organizational and community resilience.

Barry brings his expertise in Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) including Risk Management and Business Impact Analysis in addition to his broad experiences in designing, developing and implementing business solutions.  Barry is a Certified ISO 22301 (BCMS) Lead Implementer and trained as an ISO 223 Lead Auditor.

He is eager to share lessons experienced and those learned while working with elected officials, Executive, Managers/Supervisors and the front-line whom most directly interface with customers and clients.   Barry’s interests include chess, climbing and music.

On a personal note, Barry’s idol remains Jean Beliveau for his integrity and passion as a Canadian a
nd a hockey player.

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