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ATCO: Always There, Anywhere

Disaster Forum Silver Sponsor ATCO shared their emergency preparedness philosophy, and the reasons why they invest in our work:

Taking Our Responsibilities Seriously

Albertans trust ATCO to provide a safe and secure supply of electricity and natural gas to power their homes, fuel their businesses and energize their industries. We are responsible for designing, building and maintaining 88,000 km of electrical powerlines and over 65,000 km of natural gas pipelines that keep communities thriving across the globe. So, when disaster strikes – ATCO responds, ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure, the safe delivery of essential services and on-the- ground support for first responders.

Why Disaster Forum?

We take the safety and security of our customers and operating communities very seriously. That is why for 11 years, ATCO has proudly supported Disaster Forum. The annual event serves as an excellent opportunity to engage emergency response professionals and learn best practices for disaster mitigation, response and recovery.

ATCO Believes in Excellence for Our Communities

We have a long history of stepping up for impacted communities in the wake of some of the worst natural disasters in the world. As a global, diversified and highly capable organization with extensive experience working in remote locations and proven expertise designing, building, operating and maintaining electrical systems, natural gas networks, water services and community infrastructure – we are uniquely positioned to help respond and rebuild when disaster strikes.

From supporting earthquake rescue and rebuilding efforts in Pakistan and Haiti, to the Southern Alberta floods and the devastating fires in Slave Lake and Fort McMurray – we have responded to some of the largest disasters over the past decade. Our business units offer temporary structures, electricity generation, natural gas service and specialized expertise in infrastructure design, development and maintenance that help communities shelter their residents and get back on their feet.

We are committed to the safety of our people, our customers and our communities and through participation in events like Disaster Forum, we are able to learn, improve and prepare to respond to the next emergency quickly and safely.

From the high arctic to the heart of the prairies, the deserts of the Middle East and the outback of Australia, ATCO is always there, anywhere. And we will be there, ready to respond whenever a customer or community is in need.

Join ATCO next week at Disaster Forum in Banff: Register here.

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